Umut ve Yasam Assosiation, founded in 2007 by Dr. Nimet BAKİ, cancer patients and, volunteer cancer patient relatives.

Starting from Trabzon, association is being successful hope and help resource for thousands of people around the Turkey. Beside the supportive role to the cancer patients, association is aiming to create awareness among healthy people about cancer illness.

Main purposes of the Umut ve Yasam Association that, founded by volunteer who aims to support cancer patients to recovering from the disease;

  • Taking supportive role in the society for early cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Doing scientific and social research about cancer,
  • Finding methods and possibilities to overcome cancer and, being pioneer on related projects, motivate cancer patients to live with their disease, helps them to gain their strength again,
  • Building a collaboration between domestic and international associations during the scientific seminars, watch related broadcast, extending cancer survival methodologies, publish and distribution of the magazine namely ‘Umutla Yaşam’,
  • Enlightening the society about living with the cancer, strengthen nationwide collaboration, organise seminars, courses, conferences, expositions and city tours,
  • Supporting chemotherapy and oncology centres, put contributions about cancer diagnosis and treatment process in the science.

Along with main purposes, it has different sub-goals to achieve,

  • Making awareness in the public on early cancer diagnosis and treatment via leaflets,
  • Creating suitable treatment environment for the cancer patients who struggle to overcome with it priorly children.